Creating a Time Budget

Now that I’ve set up a plan for work, it’s time to work on home.

At home, I need to do my morning and evening routines, spend an hour on my daily task, spend about an hour on therapy-type tasks for the Bean, grade papers, and enjoy time with my husband!

It’s hard to fit all this in, until I look at the time I have available. This is the plan I’ve come up with:

5:30 Begin morning cleaning routine.

6:30 Coffee with Rob

7:00 Leave for work

4:00 Home from work (most days!). Therapy activities with Beanie.

5:00 Start dinner. Grade papers while cooking.

6:00 Eat

6:30 Continue grading papers

7:00 Daily house task

8:00 Evening routine, with Rob.

9:00 Read to Beanie, put her to bed.

9:30 Time with Rob

When I have to stay after work to get my tasks done, Rob will do the house task by himself. I will do my blogging on weekends and in evenings when necessary. It’s tight, but doable!

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