Crazy Work Weekend

This weekend was our last full weekend to work on the boat, and it was productive! We began by painting, which was significantly less messy with the boat on stands. It was very nice not to have to work around the cradle, like last time. Then, Rob did some repairs to the engine, and we began the unpleasant task of cleaning the bilge. The boat has not smelled well since we retrieved it from Alpena, and the bilge seems to be the cause. Apparently, filling (overfilling) the bilge with Thunder Bay caused a bit of a mess. We also replaced the bilge pump, because, as we learned, that’s something that needs to be in good working order! Finally, I put on a second coat of paint before we left.

Beanie got settled in right away.

Rob applied the first coat of paint. MUCH easier with the stands!

Our campsite

Beanie and that crazy piano toy

Look at that topsy-turvy cockpit!

Perennial, one of the boats that fell of its stands last fall, was launched on Saturday. It's very nice that see it back in the water, all patched up!

Me, after painting. I've got a bit on my foot, some in my hair, and a little on my arms. The clothes are forever relegated to "grubby" status. But I'm not the crazy mess I was last time (and we were in a place with no bathrooms or showers then!).

Rob made a pattern for the wood needed to fix the combing.

The combing was broken in Tawas, when I slipped and fell while stepping into the cockpit. Not a comfortable experience!

It looks messy, but it SMELLS a lot better now!

So, overall, I feel really good about our progress. Next weekend, we will not have as much time to work, but you will get to see everything come together.

In 11 days, this will be our home!

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