Cravings for Less-Than-Perfect Flavors

Sometimes we crave things that have complex flavors that aren’t exactly pleasant. “It’s an acquired taste,” we say.

The problem is that the foods with these “acquired tastes” generally aren’t things we should eat a lot of. They include beer, wine, martinis and other such mixed drinks, and coffee. Simply giving up these things won’t satisfy the need for complex flavors. But we have found that there are healthy foods that don’t taste entirely good:

1. Tea. Drink it iced or hot. It has a very earthy flavor, unlike anything else. Chamomile tea is also very good iced.

2. Seltzer water. We like it flavored but not sweetened. It seems to meet the same flavor needs as beer.

3. Kombucha. This has a very different flavor, but it meets the same need for taste as wine. We’ll put some in wine glasses and drink a toast when we want something fancy and bubbly, but we want to keep our wits about us.

4. Apple cider vinegar mixed with water and a bit of sweetener. This tangy taste bud teaser will taste great on a hot summer’s day!


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