Covering a Few Days at Once

All right, so I’m cheating a little.

Day 3 on Fly Lady calls for me to keep doing what I’m doing, but to check in on the Big Tent. So I signed up, and now I’ll get daily e-mails. I check my e-mail every morning anyway, so this is no big change to the routine.

The only challenge for me so far, has been with the sink. I’ve realized that we use our kitchen sink a lot! We wash each dish after it is used, so they do not pile up. We learned this from living on the boat, and we like the system. However, my drying washcloth gets soaked. I’ve decided to not worry about drying the sink every time, but to Windex and wipe it after each meal. Much easier!

So I took a look at Day 4: Write down your routine. I did that in my “everything notebook” yesterday! Ok…

Day 5: Write down what you hear. By this, she is referring to negative self talk. I need to write down negative things I say to myself and rephrase them in a positive way. I have worked very hard on staying positive, in the past, so this is not a challenge for me. I only caught myself saying one negative thing to myself today.

Day 6: Put out hot spots. Here is where I am stopping today. This is something for me to work on.

A hot spot is a place that attracts clutter. Fortunately, with all our decluttering, we eliminated most of our hot spots. The unusable rooms and basements were the worst. Today, I only saw three hot spots starting: the black caddy on our counter (I wanted to get rid of it for that reason, but Rob insisted on keeping it), the dresser in our bedroom, and my wallet. The caddy was filled with change. I’ve decided that I will keep my wallet nearby, so that spare change can go straight into it! The wallet was filled with receipts; I think the only way to keep this under control is to clean it out every morning. On the dresser was some insurance paperwork that I had been procrastinating on filling out. It is now in the mail. So, now clearing the hot spots has been added to my morning routine.

Otherwise, today is laundry day, and I have been working on decluttering again. I am trying to eliminate at least 10 items from each room. In the kitchen, I got rid of 100! It’s amazing that there is still so much stuff to get rid of. I think prevention will be key, from now on.

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