Cottage Sweet Cottage

When we finally went ashore Thursday morning, Beanie immediately began dancing around. She knew where she was!

Jelly Bean made a beeline for the beach (without bothering to put on a bathing suit), rode her big wheel, and found all of the toys in the house, in their usual place.

So, here we are. We’re not sure how long we’ll stay. Before we leave, we have to replace the fuel pump, install the solar panel, fix up the dinghy, and replace the fraying anchor line with a chain.

2 thoughts on “Cottage Sweet Cottage

  1. I love your blog posts from your boating adventures. You make me want to find what I love and throw myself into it. Thank you, for that.

    • I read a commentary today, that stated that minimalism leads to emptiness, once the decluttering is done, unless there is something to fill the space. For me, getting rid of all the excess has allowed me to finally have a passion, other than my job. Keep searching for yours as well!

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