Cold Season Survival Kit: Part 1, Prevention


With winter comes colds. There are so many remedies and supplements out there, designed to prevent and treat colds. It can drive a person crazy!

I wanted to help simplify things for your by sharing the staples in our cupboard, for prevention and treatment.

For prevention, we take these everyday:

First, Beanie takes a vitamin everyday. She eats like a typical toddler, and we count on her supplement to fill in the gaps. Right now, we just get generic chewables. Eventually, we would like to research it more and find a good brand that does not include iron (iron constipates the Bean something fierce, and she has never been iron deficient).

We all take D-Dots everyday in the winter. On the boat, we are exposed to so much sunlight that vitamin D is not an issue. In the overcast Michigan winters, however, Rob and I take 2000 IU a day and Beanie takes 1000.

Vitamin C is very important for immune function, so we drink an Emergen-C every day as well.

And, sorry guys. The most important thing we do to stay healthy is avoiding sugar. This is difficult during the holidays, and we do indulge in a bit of Stevia at that time. It’s gotten to the point where I associate sweets with feeling sick, so avoiding them is no longer a challenge. Your immune system mistakes sugar for vitamin C, so sugar weakens your defenses. We rarely get sick when we eat well.

So, that is our basic cold and flu season defense strategy. If we follow this regimen, and get enough sleep, we find that we stay pretty healthy all winter long.

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