Christmas in August!

We could have left Pentwater today. The wind was out of the south, but it was light. We could have motored to White Lake, before heading to Muskegan.

However, if NOAA is correct (and they usually are on Lake Michigan!), a front is coming through tonight. And fronts are always followed by a day or two of north winds. We should be able to sail–either downwind or on a beam reach–to either White Lake or Muskegan tomorrow. It would be a more comfortable ride and save us some gas money! So, here we are, still in Pentwater.

And we’ve been rewarded for it.

This morning, on our way to the state park, Beanie and I found the farmers’ market. At home, we get our food from a variety of local sources, but the best we’ve been able to do this summer is stock up at Kroger during the trips into Midland for Beanie’s therapy. And that’s the best case scenario! Often, we’ve been left to find what we can at the local Spartan store, or, worse, the “boater trap” next to the marina.

But, today, things were different. We’re going to enjoy lots of sweet corn, burgers made from organically-raised beef, and organic greens on our sandwiches. Oh, and best of all, homemade apple butter! Better than Christmas, folks… Next year, I’ll need to plan our shopping around farmers’ markets.

Speaking of next year, we’ve given it some thought. We will definitely live aboard all summer, but we want to take some time playing around on Lake Michigan. We’ll continue south, to Chicago. Then we’ll head back up to Frankfort, where we plan to buy a permanent mooring in Betsie Lake. We will use that as a home base, while we take excursions to some of the places we skipped (like Little Traverse Bay and some ports in Grand Traverse) and return to some of our favorites (Beaver Island, Elk Rapids, etc.). We’ll save money and have access to a car on the west side of the state!

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