Changing of the Seasons

The best part of my job, teaching, is that it flows with the seasons. Each change brings with it new excitement, new challenges, and new delights.

I love summer. With it, I have the freedom to pursue my passions–namely, sailing. While I was disappointed that we were not able to sail as much as I had hoped this past summer, we learned a great deal. Summer is the time I take Beanie to therapy, and it is always a good mother-daughter bonding time. She’s my little buddy in the summer!

But now fall is upon us. The leaves are turning red, and tomorrow I return to work. Fall is my new year. It is a time of meeting with my new teaching partners, planning, and meeting the students. It is a time of promise, of goal-setting, of potential. This fall, Beanie will expand her “mother pie” and begin to form relationships with adults outside her family, her teachers and aides at school. It is a bittersweet time, but exciting all the same.

All through the fall, we will be preparing for winter. Living above the “snow belt,” part of this is merely survival. We will be setting up our basement as living quarters and purchasing a woodstove. We will prepare for Christmas, so that it will be a joyful, rather than stressful time. We will fix up our cars, so that they will be ready. We will keep the fridge stocked and lots of entertainment on hand, as we will inevitably be snowed in some days! Winter is a time of student achievement, of holiday projects, and of watching 9 and 10’s homepage for school closings.

Then, the snow melts, and we think about spring break. It is a time to get Moonraker ready for that elusive launch date and prepare for our life on board. It’s about looking back, seeing how far the students have come, and planning for next year. It’s time for Beanie’s IEP meeting and reflection on her progress.

I know I am privileged to have a job, and a life, that revolves around the seasons. Yet, I think everyone would do well to take note of the messages nature is giving us throughout the year, and the opportunity for a new beginning that is presented to us each fall.

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