Cathead Bay

After two days of living it up in Elk Rapids, we decided that it was time to return to nature and spend another night on the hook. We had seen a number of boats anchored out off North Point, near a public beach, so we decided to make that our destination. We would then leave early in the morning, because my parents would be picking us up in Leland at 1:00. We were motoring into the wind, but the wind was about 3 mph. According to the forecast, it wouldn’t get any stronger than that overnight. Then, it was supposed to be coming out of the south in the morning, so we would have another day of motoring into it.

It was mid-afternoon when we passed the point, and we weren’t ready to stop. We decided to continue on to Cathead Bay, which would shorten our trip for the next day. We were greeted by a gorgeous anchorage with–alas–a rocky bottom.

We put the chain on our Danforth and dropped it, hoping it would dig into the sand beneath the rocks. It caught some of the sand, dragged, and wrapped the chain around a rock. We were secure, as long as the forecast was accurate (spoiler: it was!). We had an enjoyable, quiet evening.

Grand Traverse light

Houses in the dunes, on the other side of the bay--very Lake Michigan!

It was mainly wilderness across from our anchorage.

Our neighbors--an older couple who immediately jumped into the water. We decided to follow suit...

A glass of Pinot Noir after the swim...A perfect evening! (Notice the repair to the stem on the glass)

That is one happy Bean.

Beanie wanted to swim by herself, so we tied her to the boat.

The best part about Cathead Bay...

Good morning, Beanie...

Sunrise on the other side of the bay.

We left our anchorage bright and early. Happily, the weather forecast for yesterday was wrong, and we were able to sail to Leland on a close reach. We have left our boat in Leland for the weekend, because we’re going on our annual kayaking trip. Leland looks like a fun town, and we’ll enjoy sight-seeing on Sunday evening and Monday morning. However, this is not a marina to leave a boat for an extended period of time–their slips cost double what they do at other docks! Luckily, we’ll be anchoring out for the next few days.

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