Bethany and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Yesterday was a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

We were supposed to drop off one car in Ossineke, so it would be waiting for us when we arrived at Rob’s dad’s place on Thunder Bay. My parents would watch the Bean during this excursion, to spare her a 6+ hour car ride. Then, we would drive our other car back to my parents’ house and leave it there with our camper (where we will be staying when we go back to Midland for the Bean’s therapy). My parents would drop us off at the boat, and we would set sail today, if weather permitted.

Well, first we were awoken by a thunder storm, complete with hail. Moonraker was heeled on her side, tied up to the dock. Water was coming in (topside only, luckily!) through more places than we could count. There was a disconcerting puddle by the steps, the same place where I stepped in a puddle after the Thunder Bay incident last summer. We repeatedly checked the bilge, and the water definitely was not coming from below. The storms were supposed to end at 1:00, so we decided to wait to leave until then.
1:00 came, and the rain did let up a bit. So we dropped off the Bean and went to retrieve the Volvo from the marina. Rob put the key in the ignition, turned it, and…nothing….

There was something amiss with the electrical system. We tinkered for a couple of hours, as the rain picked right back up. Completely soaked, Rob decided that it was not going to start.

What to do?

A little Internet research revealed that we needed to replace a part that could be found on e-bay for $40. We could order it, but waiting at the marina would significantly delay our date of departure.

We decided to pick up our car hauler from the house and use it to tow the Volvo to my parents’ house, where we would repair it when the part came in. The next day, we would borrow a car from my parents and haul the Saturn up to Ossineke. We could then leave on Tuesday.

We were off, when, 30 minutes into our trip, we realized that we left the house keys in the Volvo. This would be our last trip home, where we would pick up the cats, so we needed that key. Back to the marina…

We got home, got the car hauler, and picked up the mail. There was a letter addressed to Rob, from the county jury selection board. Apparently, his name has been “randomly drawn”. Again.

We hit the road, heading back to my parents’ house. When we arrived, we saw that the straps on the car hauler had fallen down and frayed. They appeared to be safe still, so we would drive slowly.

We left the car hauler there, and they would drive to the marina with it in the morning. We took a very sleepy Beanie back to the boat.
When we got there, we saw that someone had run into the Volvo. And left.

*sigh* Mom says some days are like that. Even in Australia.

It's snowing! Look at all the cottonwood in the marina (it gives my allergies a workout)....

2 thoughts on “Bethany and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

    • We’ve been constantly tired since we got here, with everything we’ve had to do. We even thought about spending an extra day in port, just to relax. But tomorrow just keeps looking more and more perfect, and what could be more relaxing than a long day of easy sailing?

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