Beating the Heat

This summer has been a scorcher! But the truth is, we’ve hardly noticed. We’ve been lounging in 98 degree heat, or running around and playing!

Last summer (which was much cooler) I wrote about the fact that we don’t have–or need–air conditioning. This applied to our house, which we were unfortunately living in at the time.

Surprisingly, we do have AC on Moonraker, due to my husband’s little rebellion. However, we’ve only used it a couple times, because it’s difficult to get around and requires shore power. Almost all of the hot days have occurred when we’ve been at anchor.

So, what do we do in triple digit temperatures?

–We wear loose-fitting, lightly colored clothing. Yes, my bathing suit in comfortable, but nothing beats my long, white sundress.

–We drink lots of iced tea and even–gasp–Crystal Light. Yeah, it’s a treat, and not the healthiest thing. But it goes down easily, and keeps us hydrated.

–We leave port. It’s cooler out on the water. And, sometimes, there’s even this mysterious, magical thing called wind.

–We go to the beach. Just getting wet will make you feel like a million bucks.

–When things get desperate, we head to a store, or–better yet–the library for a little AC indulgence.

The funny thing is, we’ve gotten used to the heat. When we’re in an air conditioned building too long, I start to get goosebumps.

It’s miserably cold most of the year here, so I will definitely take this while we have it!

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