Back to the Mainland

We ended up spending three nights on Beaver Island, because strong winds and thunderstorms were forecast forecast for Tuesday. The boat dragged anchor but seemed to reset. We spent the day on the boat, and I did the laundry (in the sink) and hung it out to dry (so we were S.S. Laundry once again). Things calmed down in the evening, and we came ashore to enjoy a drink with our friends, before leaving in the morning.

Leaving wasn’t so easy, though. When the anchor dragged, it wrapped the chain around a log on the bottom. We couldn’t pull it up, even if we motored forward, and we thought we would have to cut the chain and leave the $150 new plow anchor. Rob was ready to cut the chain, when we realized that he couldn’t. We would have to drop the $110 new chain as well.

It was time for Rob to put on the diving mask and have a look.

After seeing how the chain was wrapped, Rob said that we could free it if we motored the boat in reverse. We did and it pulled, pulled, then released! $260 saved!

The rest of our trip was calm, hot, and relatively uneventful.

This boat passed us as we left Beaver Island, then again as we entered the river in Charlevoix

The "Emerald Isle" ferry. It lapped us as well

Coming Up on Charlevoix

As we entered the river, we passed two sailboats that were motoring at a crawl. We were proud of ourselves, until we rounded the bend…

It opens on the hour and half hour, and it was quarter after. We ended up hanging onto the wall, waiting, while tourists laughed at us.

Lake Charlevoix

We anchored out on Lake Charlevoix, right in front of a public beach. When I went ashore to pick up the keys to the car we were borrowing, it turned out that it was two blocks away from the park! It’s a beautiful anchorage, with a nice park, and we enjoyed our time there.

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