Back to Alpena

No trip to Ossineke would be complete without visiting Moonraker in Alpena. Besides, I wanted to see Rob’s “accomplishment,” before they repaired it. Here are some pictures from our excursion to the marina:

Beanie was happy to get back to the play area!

Bottom paint missing from the rudder, but thats just from the prop.

Robs great accomplishment--its a very RELIGIOUS (aka "Holey") boat! To his credit, the marina did drill out the cracks, so it would drain faster.

Missing bottom paint, all along the keel.

Rob on board, handing stuff down.

So, now we have Beanie’s potty chair, the cable for my camera, and lots of cans of refried beans. We talked to the harbor master, because we were concerned that we would incur storage fees once the repair is finished (since I will probably be back at work at that time). He said that, since things have taken longer than expected, we will not need to pay slip fees after the repair is completed. The boat will be launched and placed in a slip as soon as they are finished, so they can watch it and make sure it isn’t taking on water. And we checked the cracks–it’s not leaking water, but it is still damp.

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