Avoiding Poison at Work

Well, midway through January, we’ve done a good job of avoiding poison at home. We’ve stocked up on organic food, and enjoyed lots of fruits, vegetables, and iced tea.

It’s a different story at work though.

In the mornings, I rush around and often forget eat breakfast or pack lunch. I’ll just eat when I get home, I tell myself. That doesn’t work. I end up rushing out to Subway, or getting a Hot and Ready pizza. And don’t get me started on the delicious treats that are often sitting in the teachers’ lounge!

One of my co-workers told me that she keeps salad supplies for the week at work. I made up some cashew salad, with the dressing in a separate container, and that took care of lunch for a week. Snacks were still a weakness, so this week I’ll make up some granola and yogurt to much on.

Preparing enough food for the whole week is important, because it prevents the stress of having to prepare something everyday. Also, I bring foods that we can eat cold. They have a microwave at work, but I prefer not to use it. Salads are great ideas for lunch, or any of these whole convenience foods.

For a beverage, I brought in some organic coffee. I also plan to start filling my water bottle with iced tea.

So, here’s to a healthy week!

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