A Wonderful Sail!

I haven’t posted in awhile, because we ran into Internet issues. Our MiFi is wonderfully portable, but we do have limited bandwidth. Now it’s reset, and we’re ready to go!

So, we left Tawas on Sunday. It was a bit cooler and lumpy. We left motoring directly into the wind. Moonraker took the waves smooth enough for us to enjoy hot tea as we began our trip.

We changed course at the freighter dock, on the edge of Tawas bay. Rob turned up the music on our iPod and pulled me up to dance with him in the cockpit. The flag was blowing furiously toward the portside. We wouldn’t be using anymore gas that day!

My left arm got a workout, as we sailed on a close reach all the way back to Bay City. Our speed was 7.5 knots, which is 2 knots above hull speed (which is supposed to be Moonraker’s top speed; it’s the speed it goes under power). We were heeled quite a bit to port, which is not something we’ve ever experienced on that boat. We were bouncing in 4-5 foot waves, but I got good at pouring tea under the conditions!

The river was full of boats under sail, which was a very unusual sight. We didn’t start the engine until we were within sight of the marina.

The sun was out while we were underway, so we arrived in Bay City good and tanned. It was, however, cold in Bay City, so not many of our friends were there to greet us. We were able to see many of our A-dock neighbors at the campfire, though. It was good to be back.

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