A Tale of Two Twenties

First, yay! Blog.com is allowing me to add pictures once again. There are a lot of things you need to know about, and you definitely need to see pictures of my adventures this weekend. However, it’s late and I’m not up for picture-searching at this time. Instead, I’ve got a pretty good story…

Last summer, when we were rather broke, I found an extra $20 bill in an ATM at the Meijer in Bangor (just outside of Bay City; right beside our marina). I thought about it, with the angel and devil on my shoulders. We could really use the extra cash, for fancier food and whatnot. However, this picture of a single mother, with her arms full of kids, scurrying away from the ATM in a hurry to get her kids back home and out of the store, kept haunting me. So I dropped the money off at Customer Service, so she could reclaim it when she realized that she had lost it, and that she needed it to get her baby’s milk (organic, of course) for the next two weeks.

They thanked me, took my name, and said I could come back in 30 days and see if anybody had claimed it. If not, it was mine.

We pulled Moonraker the next week. Driving to Bay City and back would cost more than $20.

But I had karma. And tonight I needed it.

I rushed home from my staff meeting, knowing that the Bean had visited the doctor after school. Sure enough, he had written her a prescription for 3 more days of Sulfatrim. I rushed to the drug store, then realized I was short on cash. I dashed to the laundromat next door while they filled the prescription, and visited the ATM. Then I dashed back, just in time.

Two hours later, I found myself at the grocery store, looking for provisions for our upcoming road trip to Louisville. I expected to find $80 in my wallet, but there was only $60. This was a problem, because we aren’t exactly affluent at the moment. Then I remembered the ATM.

Could I have left $20? It’s possible, but not likely. And less likely that it’s still there. I considered heading home. However, I remembered that I had turned in the twenty I found in Bangor. Maybe someone had done the same.

Right inside the laundromat, I saw the ATM. With a $20 bill sitting in its tray. I took it, but explained my situation to the attendant.

So, turn in that money you find, folks. You never know when it will be your scrambling around, looking for that lost Andrew Jackson.

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