A Successful Failure

With time comes perspective.

Instead of being sad and disappointed that we were not able to spend the entire summer on Moonraker, I am realizing that what we accomplished was more than we have in previous summers. In two years, we moved the boat out of the derelict lot at Pier 7 and cruised to Alpena.

Every summer we’ve owned Moonraker (we bought it in the fall of 2008), we’ve intended to live aboard and take a month long cruise. And this is what happened each year:

–In 2009, we set out to fix it up in July, after our June camping trip. We saw that the bulkheads were detached at the corners, and we thought this was catastrophic. The chain plates, which anchor the mast, are driven through the bulkheads. Only in August, when we researched it, did we realize that I29’s have very long chain plates on the other side of the bulkheads, and that the separation was very easily repaired. We fixed it, painted the interior, stepped the mast, and had the engine installed.

–In 2010, we had another late start, due to events and get-togethers with family and friends. Then we painted the waterline stripe and the bottom. Due to improper ventilation while it was shrink wrapped, the engine had a piston that hung up. We tried many repairs, especially after my parents secured a good deal on a slip for us. Finally, around this time of the year, we launched and hobbled to Bay Harbor on 2 cylinders. Luckily, Rob was able to repair the engine when we got there.

–In 2011, we launched in May, and lived aboard at the marina all of June. We cruised it from July 8-July 19. We will cruise it back to Bay City as soon as the repair is completed.

So, all in all, we’ve made some progress! Next year, we will live aboard (completely closing up our house) and cruise all summer. We will stop back in Midland every 2 weeks for Beanie’s therapy.

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