A Little Retail Therapy, Minimalist Style

I have learned a few things about having a minimalistic wardrobe.

First, it’s a lot of trial-and-error. And I have had some error! Remember that fun, red silk dress? Well, last week, the zipper got stuck, and the dress actually ripped when I tried to take it off. At that point, the fabric was faded, so it wasn’t a big loss.

Next, I had failed to consider the end of the school year. Tights season is over, but marina season has not yet begun. Some of my dresses make me feel a bit–naked—when I wear them to work, bare-legged. I got a nice hand-me-down skirt from a friend, and that does go nicely underneath my black dress, for a nice layered look. Otherwise, I found myself borrowing Rob’s dress pants or wearing another not-so-flattering hand-me-down skirt.

Add that to the fact that it’s the end of the school year, which is always stressful, and I wasn’t feeling so great about myself at our hair appointment today (yes, we do hair appointments. I’ll talk about that later). We were heading to the mall for some Yummy Japan with my parents, when Rob said that we had to go to the Salvation Army first.

The skirt had to go, he said. I didn’t disagree. I looked frumpy. The skirt was not made for a long-legged woman, with a low-set tummy. I had borrowed one of his shirts, and wore it under an otherwise fabulous blazer.

After some searching on the shelves (thrift store shopping is all about the search!), I found a beautiful, well-made blue floral sundress and a white, cotton flowing dress. They both fit perfectly, and the length felt much more comfortable, bare-legged. And looking better completely lifted my mood.

I will show you many pictures, after I decide what stays and what goes in my wardrobe. Right now, I’ve got my new blue and white dresses, my white and black floral (which you haven’t seen yet!), my black dress, a bright floral sundress (that you haven’t seen), and my plaid silk dress. I would like to eliminate one or two of them. I have my hand-me-down skirt (the nice one), that I will probably keep to go underneath my shorter dresses. I traded my blue shirt for a white, nautical-looking one. And I have my jeans and shorts.

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