A Letter to Beanie’s Therapists

Dear Laura and Stephanie,

Yesterday was the last time that you will work with Jelly Bean. I thought about writing you both letters, and placing them in cards, but that isn’t my style. I want everyone to know about the wonderful things you’ve done for my daughter.

When Beanie first started going to Children’s Therapy Corner, she spoke almost entirely in babble. She was unable to follow directions. Her play consisted of repetitive tasks (we called them “routines”). She would open the door, turn on the light, turn off the light, close the door, and repeat. She pulled out her hair, and couldn’t run, jump, or throw.

It was Laura that she met first. You spent the first few sessions establishing a relationship with Beanie, knowing that she wouldn’t make progress without that. Stephanie came into the picture a year later, when OT wasn’t going very well. You found ways to get the Bean to do amazing things without any power struggle.

Two years later, the Bean answers questions, engages her friends, writes her name, argues with her mother, and gets into mischief–just like any other 5-year old!

Learning that a child has a disability is not easy for any parent. There is guilt, a plethora of “what if”‘s, and general fear and anxiety about the child’s future. Both of you gave us hope from the first day. You have always included us on the team and given us lots of activities to do at home with the Bean. It has simply been amazing to watch her blossom in the way that she has.

While we are sad to see you leave, we are excited about the opportunities that await you. Wherever you go, there are children who need you, and I have no doubt you will be successful.

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