A Great Off-the-Grid House!

We met up with our friends Larissa and Patrick on Beaver Island. They live there in the summer, with their two boys, and their house just so happens to be my dream home.

Here are some pictures:

The kitchen, with a gravity-feed water system, that they refill in town.

The couch (which converts to a bed) across from the kitchen.

The loft, where the kids sleep.

Larissa made the tiles on the countertop herself.

The house runs on a 12-volt battery, which is charged by the solar panels. Occasionally, they take a battery into town to charge it as well.

We really enjoyed seeing our friends again, and I can’t help but wish that we could trade houses…

4 thoughts on “A Great Off-the-Grid House!

    • Sorry, Blog.com thought you were spam. I don’t know why, since I’ve approved other comments you’ve written…

      Anyway, Larissa and Patrick ARE awesome! I wish they would write a blog. (Maybe they will when they move to the island…)

  1. We live in a small cabin and it’s been the coldest it’s been in the history of the area. Everyones pipes are freezing/bursting, even in the city areas miles from us. We shut off the water to save the pipes, but lugging in jugs isn’t working. Time to adapt. Your water idea is going to be a lifesaver and I’m doing it this week. Thank you so very much for this post.

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