A Good Job of Not Dying

It’s occurred to me, that some of you don’t realise that we have actually done an excellent job of not dying. So I will tell some of the things that have happened to us, yet we didn’t die.

For, example, these things have caught on fire:

–Our furnace, at our old house (the day after the safety inspection…)

–Our first speed boat.

–The second LeBaron convertible we owned (you’ll see in my next list, that no LeBaron met a good end).

–My hair, 3 times…(Once in church, once during a candle light dinner, and once when I was trying to light my current oven).

–The ground under our grill (which was on a deck).

And we shouldn’t drive…This is why:

–On our first date, a man ran a red light and hit my dad’s Camero Z-28, that I was driving.

–A couple of years later, I put my car in a ditch on the way to school. Oops.

–8 years later, my beloved LaBaron convertible met its end when I didn’t stop soon enough on a wet road. (Yes, this one was my fault). It was right before I was to begin student teaching. The cool part is, now I know what happens when an air bag goes off (and I had the burn marks to prove it!). The cooler part is that I wore my seat belt and, therefore, the rest of this story continues… (and, yes, I had bruises that showed what that piece of cloth did for me…)

–We got a wonderful deal on a red LeBaron convertible from our friends. It was perfect inside. Then, when I was 7 month pregnant, a Sunbird decided to turn in front of me (to get to Burger King!). This time, I acted wisely and probably saved everybody’s life, by swerving to the shoulder (which caused us to deflect off of each other, instead of hitting head-on). 3 ambulances arrived, but the other girls went home before I did. Luckily, the White House restaurant made me a special, 2-layer grilled cheese. I was really craving crispy, fried foods at the time… And Beanie was fine. We have no reason to believe that any of her challenges were caused by this…

–After Beanie’s birth, we got a Saturn SL from Rob’s parents. We love it. But it hit 3 deer in one year. Yikes! My favorite was the one that flipped over on the way to work. Of course all my friends had to make fun of me, because I kept going…

So, yeah, we’re still alive. And plan to be for awhile. And you can see now why spending the night on a sinking boat didn’t seem so unusual…

Yeah, bow first. Thats how it would have been...

MOONRAKER UPDATE: Maybe it’s fitting that this should happen on the morning I intended to publish this post…We got a call from Alpena, and the repair is finished! We are going to sail back to Bay City Labor Day weekend, since we have more work to do on the house, to prepare for the fall. Also, weekending there in the fall would be a lot of fun.

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