100 Square Feet

While we’re in the business of reflecting (and while we’re still waiting for the storage space upgrade to take effect), let’s talk about our living space. Moonraker is 29 feet long and 9 feet wide. However, about one half to one third of the living space is cockpit, and it’s much narrower in the bow. We estimate that we have about 100 square feet of usable living space.

The surprising thing is that it has worked. The boat is actually a bit less cluttered than it was when we started out. How did we do it?
— We only brought 5 summer outfits each. We also had one cld weather outfit and our bathing suits. Most of the clothes fit comfortably in the aft hanging locker. Most marinas have cheap laundromats, so washing the clothes was not a problem.

— Beanie only had a few toys out in the v-berth. The rest–the toys for guided play–were in the other hanging locker. We’ll probably revise this method (bring fewer toys and keep them somewhere else), but not having a lot of toys out did help.

— Once we got our new stove to work, it stayed out on the counter. We brought one pan and the tea kettle, which stayed on the stove. We only brought enough dishes for us.

— Every morning and evening, I do a quick little “clean up.”. This only takes 5-10 minutes.

It’s been nice to be able to focus on other things than constant housework, and it’s been nice to be closer together during the day. Still, it will also be nice not to have to convert our bed into the table every morning, and to have our own bedroom. Our dream is to eventually get a center-cockpit boat, where we would have our own little stateroom. It would still be a small space, but a little larger.

3 thoughts on “100 Square Feet

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  2. I’m just trying to imagine what that must be like, living in 100 square feet. I’ve been de-cluttering hugely over the past year or so, and don’t own a lot of stuff now, but that’s in comparison to the typical Kiwi. I’m not yet at 100 square feet standard!

    That said, the tiny house / space concept intrigues me. I find myself coming back to it over and over. I know I’m ready to downsize, the question is: by how much?

    • It all depends on your vision! If you lived in a modest sized house, you would have more stuff than us, even if you did downsize. Because downsizing for its own sake makes no sense, after a point. Look at your goals with simple living, and you’ll find the right size for you! 🙂

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