Zero Waste Wednesday: Why We’re Doing It

I thought cutting down on waste could wait. Then I spend last week in our boat.

Garbage is a problem in a small space. We’ve moved it twice, but it keeps growing. Marinas have dumpsters, but they are a walk. When we anchor out, we will not have trash facilities.

So, I will be learning about reducing waste. And I will share my education with you.

Here are the things we’ve learned so far:

–Paper towels and napkins are evil. They will fill the trash like nothing else. We brought our washcloths from home (you can buy a pack at the dollar store!). We just throw them in the laundry.

–Potty training is nice. We’re doing it on a boat. Good luck, us.

–Forget individually packaged snacks. At least get something all in one box. Or, better yet, fruit or veggies!

–When you’re on a boat, pop cans are waste too. Iced tea is a much better choice.

–If you drink, get a box of wine. Less waste, and it will stay fresh.

As we continue down this journey, I will keep you up to date!

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