Zero Waste Wednesday: Low Waste Beverages

Since we spent all day anchored in Ossineke, enjoying time with family, I don’t have a post about our cruising for today.

However, no matter where I am, I’ve noticed that soda pop cans dominate. Yes, you can recycle them. But it’s a pain. The machines get full, or break down. I keep putting it off. Even for 10 cents a can.

I would love it if I could drink water. But I’m not there yet. Sometimes, yes. But not everyday.

In the morning, we enjoy coffee. We make it with a french press, so our only waste is the grounds. And don’t throw those away! Here are some uses for coffee grounds.

But when it’s hot out, we need something cold. We have made Kool-Aid with Stevia, which is better than other sweeteners. However, the packaging waste, the cost of Stevia, and the dyes in Kool-Aid have deterred me from this option. Homemade lemonade is another great choice, but you still have to deal with sugar vs. Stevia, and the price.

We choose to make iced tea. Sun tea is great, if you plan ahead. You just need a clear pitcher or jar. Fill it with water and put 3 tea bags in it. Leave it in the sun all day, and you’ll have tea tomorrow! We’re not such great planners, though. We boil water that morning, and use 1 tea bag for every 2 cups of water. We steep for about 5 minutes, then mix with equal parts cold water. We have a pitcher with a frozen section, which helps it chill. I will fill 2 half-gallon jars with tea, as well as the pitcher, so that we don’t run out. My favorite teas for icing are: jasmine, Earl Grey, camomile, and Constant Comment.

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