This is the Bean

flower nowr

When the Jelly Bean was a baby, her fan base was becoming firmly established. When I took her to our local grocery store, the cashier paged her friend from behind the meat counter, to come see the Bean. The same thing happened twice when we were shopping outof town.

There was no getting in-and-out, anywhere we went. The Bean would make eye contact at someone, and smile. Then, “Look at that baby! Look at all that hair! She’s a doll!”

Now, Beanie struts into the store, runs ahead, and greets all of her people.

When I go shopping by myself, everybody asks me where the Bean is.

Being the center of attention and charming everyone is such a way of life for the Bean, that she just loved it when Uncle Chris and Aunt Kelly asked her to be flower girl in their wedding. She spent the morning admiring herself in the mirror, relished all the people watching her walk down the aisle, and happily left me for the baby-sitter (a person whose job was to pay attention to her!) at the reception.

After I finished eating, the dancing began. I was sitting around the corner from the dance floor, and the kids and baby-sitter were eating on the other side of that. I knew that the Bean loves dancing, so I went to go get her.

As the dance floor came into view, I saw that everyone was standing in a circle, watching something, as Abba’s “Dancing Queen” blasted loudly through the speakers. Sure enough, in the middle of the floor, the Bean was busting a move! I tried to dance with her, but I just wasn’t as good as her.

We can’t all be the Bean.

Beanie and Uncle Chris

Beanie and Uncle Chris

We're Digging the Dancin' Queen!

We’re Digging the Dancin’ Queen!

This clearly requires some help from the Bean...

This clearly requires some help from the Bean…

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