Therapy Day!

Today I brought my camera to the Bean’s private therapy session. We had speech at OT; she will start getting PT again next week. Here are the highlights:

We got there early, so there was time for a visit to the play room.

There was also some time for reading...

OT usually begins with brushing, but today Beanie went down the slide first!

Time for brushing.

And swinging!

Somebodys mugging the camera!

A sewing activity, instead of the usual puzzle...

Time for the obstacle course! We go over the visual schedule first.

Sensory dots! Definitely a favorite.

Time for speech. Forget about sitting at a desk, practicing sounds. For Beanie, it's all about pretend play!

"Brown Bear"--an old favorite for the Bean!

High five!

And finally, some Playdough time!

A special thank-you to all the wonderful therapists at Children’s Therapy Corner and at school. You’ve helped the Bean do great things!

And to all you parents: if you think your little one might need some therapy, ask about it! It’s a ton of fun for the kids, and you won’t believe the progress they can make.

2 thoughts on “Therapy Day!

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