The Best Kids’ Movie Ever

This story begins on snowy Thanksgiving Day, 2008. The Bean was 18 months old, and we had just finished lunch with my family. Now we were making our way 3 1/2 hours up north, in the motor home, to see Rob’s parents. Dinner would be on Friday. We were making excellent time, when a belt broke on our very vintage machine.

We pulled off the freeway in Waters, where there was a sign for a campground. We did not find it, and the only other lodging in town was a very sketchy looking motel. We decided to continue on to Gaylord and see if we could find a store that carried the part. We managed to make it to a Walmart in Gaylord, but they did not have the belt in stock. It was getting late, but, conveniently, our battery completely died in the parking lot of a Holiday Inn.

We turned on the furnace in the motor home, to keep the cat warm, and got our room. While Rob and the Bean were getting settled in, I walked to the gas station next door to find us some food for our Thanksgiving dinner. When I returned with nachos, tornadoes, and soda pop, I found Rob and the Bean in the room, watching television. Television is a big deal, at hotels, because we do not have a television set. While that choice is voluntary, it is still fun occasionally to see what is out there.

What were they watching? Cartoons, perhaps? Something on Nick Jr? No, the Bean was on her feet, joining in the bottle dance in Fiddler on the Roof.

And, thus, the love affair began.

We had never seen her so excited about a movie or television program. Her Nana got her the DVD for Christmas that year, and she excitedly watched it in the car, when she was sick, or when we just needed 2 hours to get something done. The Bean began wearing her play silk on her head during play time. She put a hairnet over hear face, then lifted it up to drink out of her sippy cup. Her first word was “Lechiam!”

There are many advantages to having a child who loves such a movie. You can listen to Fiddler many times before it becomes annoying, unlike most of the programs designed for kids. The music is very good, and the female characters are strong, free thinkers, who challenge the way things are. Contrast this to certain cartoon princesses who sit amongst their many possessions, waiting for a wealthy prince to marry them!


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