The Abortion Post

Abortion is a controversial issue. And one I’m actually not going to touch, as far as humans are concerned.

However, a member of our family is facing an ethical (non)dilemma.

When I came home from work two days ago, Rob and the Bean were still at therapy. I saw Espresso, our elderly, fat, lazy cat, plopped on the floor as always. But there was no sign of Popcorn, the annoyingly hyper tabby we rescued from the middle of the road last spring, after her mother had been run over.

I thought nothing of it, until I was getting ready for bed. There still had been no sign of Popcorn. She had been in heat. Again. We fully intended to get her fixed, but had heard that it was unbelievably expensive. So we put it off.

With flashlights, we searched the yard. We saw a very handsome white kitty in the shed, but no Popcorn. There was a crazy snowstorm going on, so we went inside.

The next day, no Popcorn. According to Rob, a constant stream of tomcats walked through the yard though.

When I got home from work, there she was. Cuddled up to the white cat, in front of the door.

10 minutes later, we had an appointment set up at VetMed, in two weeks. Getting fixed is very cheap there, and only $20 more if they have to be kitty Planned Parenthood.

Hopefully Popcorn will be ready to lay around in a small space (like the boat!) once she’s had the operation…

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