Sunday Supper: Whole Convenience Foods

I must confess that I sometimes get lazy with my cooking. I’ll have the ingredients for a more elaborate dinner, such as homemade pizzas, but we’ll get busy. By the time we’re home, it’s 6:00. Rising the dough and cooking the pizzas means that we won’t eat until 8:00–Beanie’s bath time! So we go out and get a Hot ‘N Ready. Not good!

Then I stumbled across the “Say No to Kraft Dinner” blog carnival. Many bloggers have published their own quick recipes. We made Michelle’s (from Frugal Granola) Tomato-Basil Chicken Salad, and it was great! We even have leftovers for today, so lunch will be quick!

Yum-Oh! And much healthier than fast food.

So, to save you time, here are all of the blogs I could find that participated in the Say No to Kraft Dinner carnival:

Keeper of the Home
: Thank you Stephanie for this great idea!

Frugal Granola : Michelle has lots of no-cook recipes.

Wholesome Goodness : Some yummy versions of classics here.

Teaching Diligently : Some easy recipes here.

Kelly’s Kitchen and Home : If anyone knows about frugally cooking for a crowd, it’s Kelly! I want to try to spanish rice.

If you find any other blogs that participated, please post links in the Comments section. And, of course, please share any quick and easy recipes that you may have!

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