Some Pictures from Thunder Bay

I thought I would share some pictures from our *almost* escape from Alpena. I didn’t get any pictures of the exciting parts, because I really wasn’t in a picture-taking mood at that time.

But here’s what we have:

See, we did actually leave!

The fog started to billow up as we approached Thunder Bay Island. Oh, and do take note of the fact that Rob is wearing my sunglasses!

Emergency repair to the tiller handle. We thought it was funny at the time!

Thunder Bay Island light

Thunder Bay Island light

So that’s Thunder Bay. Our old boat was demasted on it. I think maybe there is a hint to be taken…

Moonraker Update: Well, nothing. We called the marina yesterday morning, and they had not pulled it yet. Grrrr… The harbor master did go in early this morning, to make sure it was still floating. He says they are “keeping an eye on it” and plan to pull it during the day. We will call them again today.

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