Snow Day!

Usually I’m done sleeping with the phone next to my bed this time of the year, but this morning I got that recorded call from the superintendent, saying that I had an unexpected day off!

Of course, I don’t really need to mention that launch day is 10 days away, and we’ve just had a blizzard…

So, today, I decided to make the most of it and spend some time in my kitchen. Rob and I have decided that we need to do more producing and less consuming in our home. We’ve already started a new batch of home brewed beer. We use a mix, right now, but we use malt extract instead of dextrose, which makes for a much richer flavor. After a week, we’ll bottle it, and then it will be ready to drink a week after that. One batch yields so many bottles, that we’re always looking for friends to share it with!

At Save a Lot, they have delicious whole grain pitas, and we go through a lot of them! I decided to start soaking the flour for these pitas. We used to always soak our grains, but we’ve fallen off the wagon in the past year.

Finally, when I was going through the cupboard, I found an empty plastic ketchup bottle. When I asked Rob why we had that, he said, “Oh yeah, that’s for home made ketchup!” So guess what I made? It’s much too thick for the bottle though, so we’ll be storing it in a jar.

How do you spend snowy days?


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