Sink Polishing Day!

We decided to hold off on the stuff-purging until the garbage man comes on Monday. (Sorry, it is NOT a zero waste week!). I have already gone through the kitchen a second time, but the other rooms will have to wait. Instead, I started Fly Lady’s baby steps. Today was sink polishing day. My 3 sinks did look horrible, and they look much better now. The finish is not perfect on the stainless sinks, but they are old. I don’t think it ever can look perfect. However, they do look like something in which you would wash dishes. I set dry washcloths by each sink, so we can wipe them after they are used. We wash our dishes immediately after they are used, so we do not have to worry about them piling up in the sink.

Kitchen sink, before


Bathroom sink, before


Basement sink, before

All done!

So far, so good! Next, I’m supposed to get all dolled up in the morning. Should not be a problem!

One thought on “Sink Polishing Day!

  1. Bethany, I love Fly lady. She saved me when I broke my ankle. The house was clean, the kids’ clothes were organized. I was dressed to the shoes and all of my info was on my landing pad. She saved me that awful morning. I have gotten to the point where I don’t have to read updates everyday.

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