Saturday Simple Playtime: Vintage Pedal Car

Forget Power Wheels! Kids need exercise, especially when they are toddlers and developing physically. Pedal cars are a MUCH better choice. However, a newer version of a vintage pedal car can cost a lot.

We found Beanie’s Christmas present at an antique store for $35. It was old, beaten up, and painted this ugly blue color. It had once been an AMF fire truck, but was missing parts. We decided to turn it into a truck for her. We painted it bright red, put Naugahyde over the seat, and added a wooden bed.

The Bean’s legs aren’t long enough to reach the pedals yet, but she can scoot it along quite well. Today we took her to Thrune Park in Midland, which has a nice “road” for pedal cars and tricycles.

MOONRAKER UPDATE: The insurance adjuster came yesterday, but the boat was still in the water. He looked at the interior, and he will come back Tuesday to look at the exterior. We are hoping this will motivate the harbor master to pull it out of the water. Once it is out, the fiberglass repairman estimated that it will take a week to repair, if it has the damage he thinks it has. He thinks that the fiberglass surrounded the keel (which is made of cast iron) has been cracked. This would mean that the keel is intact, which is a HUGE positive, but it is important to drain all of the water out, so that it doesn’t rust. Fixing the fiberglass is a simple repair, since it isn’t structural. We have a camping trip planned next week, then another downstate, and a canoe trip. Moonraker is 4 good-weather days away from crossing the top of the mitten, and we fully intend to do it as soon as she is ready, even if it means we don’t winter in Bay City. I still feel wrong being on land, but things do not seem to be as bleak as we initially thought.

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