Saturday Simple Playtime: The Bubble Trick

In the summer, we visit a lot of friends and family. And Beanie can get very antsy during these visits. The television only gets her so far–even if we do watch Shaun the Sheep! She wants to run around, getting into things she shouldn’t.

Beanie’s speech therapist showed me an activity that calms most kids and keeps them quietly engaged for great lengths of time. This can be a messy activity, so it’s great to use during those outside visits! If the adults are sitting on the patio, visiting, I’ll set Beanie up on the grass.

First, you fill a plastic cup or bottle halfway or more with water. Then you add a few tablespoons of dish soap. You will need a straw, and those big, fun straws seem to work better. The Bean’s speech therapist put the cup in a large bowl when we played with the bubbles inside. You could also use a dishpan. When we go outside, we just set the cup on the grass.

So, now that you’re set up, it’s time to blow the bubbles! When you blow with the straw, you will instantly get a bubble mountain. You can demonstrate popping the bubbles, blowing some in the air, or placing them on your hands, cheeks, or nose. Beanie also enjoys giving rubber duckies bubble baths.

Bubbles have a calming effect on most kids, whether they have SPD or not. We’ve found that this activity works like magic and makes visits much less stressful.

One thought on “Saturday Simple Playtime: The Bubble Trick

  1. Once kids have some practice with this, or you have some time to supervise, it is fun to add just a bit of tempra paint to the bubble mix. Then you blow your bubble mound, take a piece of paper and press it gently onto the bubbles. As they pop, they leave neat bubble prints on the paper. You can do it with a few colors for a neat effect. When working at residential camps, we’d do this as a craft early in the week so they could use the prints as stationary to write home.

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