Saturday Simple Playtime: Some of My Favorite Books

Hello! Much of Beanie’s playtime is spent looking at books, and story time is a favorite time of her day. This week, I’m going to give my top 10 favorite toddler books!

10. Prince Cinders by Babette Cole

Babette Cole is awesome. I pretty much love anything by her (although you do have to be careful if you shop for her books on Amazon, because she did do some books on puberty for tweens…). This book is a feminist Cinderella, featuring a prince as the main character. His fairy godmother allows him to become big and hairy–watch out!

9. The Fat Cat by Jack Kent

It’s annoying. It’s repetitive. But it features Skothottentot. I loved this book when I was a kid, and I could still recite it.

8. I’ll Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

It’s beautiful. It’s a tear jerker. His mom drives a Volvo… I do have to admit that I haven’t been able to read this to Beanie since Rob’s mother died. But it is a jem, that’s for sure.

7. Your Kind of Mommy by Marjorie Blain Parker

Beanie loves animals, and she loves books about parents loving their children. This book is one of her favorites!

6. The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton

As many of you mommies know, it’s hard not to just list 10 Sandra Boynton books here. Maybe I will have to do a blog post about her later! Her books are sweet, often about regular kid routines and relationships, and have fun, whimsical rhyme. This book is about going to bed, but the routine occurs on a boat! Perfect for my little live-aboard kid.

5. The Trouble With Dad by Babette Cole

Another Babette Cole book. This one is just a bit funnier than the previous one, and it has lots of subtle humor (often involving the pictures) for the parents.

4. Jesus Loves Me by Tim Warnes

Introducing little ones to Christianity is difficult, and I think the best model for the ultimate love of God is the love between parents and children (I’m sure I will post much more on this later–I do have a story…). But, that love is as close as you can get to agape, or unconditional love, in this world. And this book shows that relationship very well. It’s one of the Bean’s favorites.

3, The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch

All right, I sought out this book. And I was not disappointed. The princess lost all her material possessions, outsmarted the dragon, then decided that she needed a prince like a fish needs a bicycle. The feminist in me is rejoicing.

2. Go Dog Go by PB Eastman

All right, when I read this to the kids I was baby-sitting, I thought it was just another easy reader. Then, I caught the “Do you like my hat?” subplot. I laughed, then had to tell Rob about it! And the book is repetitive, so Beanie will “read” it on her own.

1, Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton

Yes, a Boynton book has the number 1 spot for us. It has animals, and a mother who is absolutely in love with her child. It is so catchy, so silly, and has long been a favorite. We’ve worn out 2 Snuggle Puppy books so far!

I have to say that it has been hard to choose only 10 children’s books to recommend. I will definitely be doing another post, with my next 10. There are some wonderful books out there!

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