Saturday Simple Playtime: Rummage Sale Treasures

We did some rummage sale-ing on our way back from therapy on Tuesday, and look what we found, for $25!

It barely fits on the quarter berth, or under the table. Beanie loves playing with her horses. The best part is that they are the right size for Lonely Hearts Club dolls, which I would like to promote instead of Barbie Dolls when the Bean is older.

Here are some other tips for finding good toys at rummage sales:

–Look for low-tech toys. They tend not to go as quickly and cost less.

–Go to sales in fancier neighborhoods, but make sure they are being run by people with children. Families will be in a hurry to get rid of excess toys, while we’ve found that older couples and people without children are trying to make more money on their wares.

–Watch out for permanent rummage sales. Sometimes they are great, but other times they are overpriced. Go to them, but know that your best bet is probably a once-a-year deal.

–As a bonus: If their kid wears the same sizes as yours, your little one could get a new wardrobe! Be sure to make an offer on the lot!

Good luck, and happy sale-ing!

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