Saturday Simple Playtime: Good Songs for Kids

We’re still downstate, visiting relatives. Fun for us, but boring to read about!

So, today, I’ll talk about great songs for kids. Songs can really help kids learn rhyme and phonemic awareness. They can also help with vocabulary and social language.

Some of Beanie’s favorites are “old standards” for kids. We sing these when she’s swinging and during bath time. They include:

–The ABC song

–Happy Birthday

–Mary Had a Little Lamb

–Old McDonald (she says the animals!)

–Itsy Bitsy Spider

–Row, Row, Row Your Boat

She also enjoys some classic Bible songs, that you might remember from your Sunday school days:

–Jesus Loves Me

–The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock

–Rise and Shine

–I’ve Got a Home in Glory Land

As far as kid songs on CD’s, we use them sparingly. We want her to be exposed to “real” music, and she does enjoy Russian classical, J-pop, Abba (yes, Abba!), and Django Rheinhart. However, there are times when kids need stuff that is made for them, since much of the world is not. Some of Beanie’s favorite kid songs:

–Go Fish “If You’re Happy and You Know It

Dinosaur ABC’s (we do the alphabet in sign language)

Down, Down, Baby

One Fuzzy Caterpillar

Music time can be a great interactive time! Use sign language, motions, and drums. Make up your own songs to familiar tunes. It is a great way to interact with your kid and further their language skills.

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