Saturday Simple Playtime: Community Resources

Sorry, I’m a day late on this. We’re currently in the middle of ANOTHER snowstorm–on my last day of spring break. Wow!

Anyway, you could fill a house with beneficial toys. But what if your house isn’t so big? Well, a community is filled with opportunities, and most are free or cheap.

Some of the Bean’s picks, for when we don’t stay at home (other than Early Childhood special ed–which you NEED to ask about, if you suspect a delay with your kid–it’s wonderful! Or Headstart and the like, which you should ask about if you are low income–there are a TON of wonderful, free programs for you!):


The beach! We have no air conditioning–in our house or boat! There are lots of beaches near our boat, but we live near Budd Lake and Sanford Lake (which has an AWESOME park!). The Bean will play in the water and interact with all the other kids, which is what we are looking for. And her PT recommended water for muscle strength and sensory play.


Children’s museums are wonderful! We asked for a membership to the local Children’s museum for Christmas, and we haven’t been disappointed. This is especially helpful on rainy days on the boat.

Will petting zoo

Like museums, zoos are wonderful Christmas gifts. Especially if the zoo has a petting zoo. The Bean loves to say “sheep,” then pet one. Great experience!


The library also has some great resource. Our library has a wooden dollhouse, as well as great books to borrow! A great place to stop, if your toy and book collections are getting out of control!


The woods! There is certainly a trail somewhere near your house. The Bean and I went to the store and saw a palliated woodpecker less that 5 feet away from us! Let your kid see the trees and experience nature–for free!

Hope this helps you find free toys and activities in your area!

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