Saturday Simple Playtime: A Play Corner

When we’re on Moonraker, the Bean often gets restless. We’ve set up the quarter berth as a play area for her. The quarter berth is a bed large enough for a short adult; however, it has about 2 feet of space in which the Bean can sit. We filled it with a few toys for independent play. We filled a small suitcase (from a rummage sale!) with dollhouse-sized dolls and sewing cards. We stacked up her books next to it, and included her nesting boxes. Sometimes, Beanie also brings over her stuffed Shaun the Sheep and Wonderpets toys as well. I like to tidy up this space periodically, but not when Beanie is around! She has really taken ownership of it and prefers to set it up her way.

If your little one prefers to play where you are, you might want to set up a small play area there. My recommendation is to limit it to independent-play toys. We stash Beanie’s puzzles and other “messy” toys next to the charts in the nav station. We’ve found that letting her play with those freely just results in more mess!

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