Printable Toys

Rrreant! Zuzz zuzz zuzz! What is that device? What is coming out of it? A thick paper…Let me see…It’s…No way! It can’t be! It’s Shaun the Sheep! It’s a toy! We have a toy-making machine?! Wait! Daddy, why are you turning it off? Why would anyone turn off a toy machine?

We don’t always know the Bean’s thoughts, but last Saturday night, we sure did. Rob was printing off pictures for the party hats. And Beanie was convinced that our photo printer was a toy machine. It made life even better for her when it malfunctioned and printed off many copies of Shaun’s picture. We cut them out, and she played with them for hours.

Which led us to consult our dear friend Google.

What we found was that our printer was, in fact, a toy-mak machine. On this website you can download and print out a variety of toys. Many of them take a marble underneath, so that the can be easily pushed across the floor or a table. They have mouses, cars, trucks–you name it! This website has similar fold-able toys, as well as games and puzzles. Some of them have Biblical/Christian themes. If you click here you will find fancier printable playsets and buildings. This site has printable toys with some customizing, as well as printable party kits.

Printable toys are wonderful for rainy days, and those times when you want to get your little one something special, but don’t want to spend a great deal of money (or time in a store!). They are also excellent party favors or stocking/Easter basket stuffers. The Bean loves little dolls and metal cars, and many of the printable toys could be used with those.

After you print out a few, you may want to create your own paper toys. Your imagination is the limit!

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