Off the Grid Tuesday: Tiny Houses

Happy Tuesday, all! Time to talk about freeing ourselves from light bills.

Ever since Rob and I were dating, our dream was to live on a boat. We could do that now, if we sold our house and moved to a warmer climate.

The problem is that we live in the middle of Michigan. And I love my job.

So, we’ve looked into alternatives, for the “off season.” One option is to rent a seasonal cottage during the winter. We could do this if we ended up living close to the water.

But, since my job insists on being awesome…

We’re very interested in tiny houses. This all started two years ago, when we camped in this cabin:

I looked around and thought, couldn’t we live in a space this size? I grew up in an 800 square foot house and thought it was fine. When we got married, we lived in a 12 X 60 mobile on an RV lot. It seemed perfect, but we thought we would need more space when we had a kid. (Ha! We thought the kid would want to be away from us sometimes, for things like sleeping and playing! Little did we know…) So here we are in a 1100 square foot chalet, with a full basement. It’s got 4 bedrooms–what do we need 4 bedrooms for? Especially when we all slept in the same room for so long! I love the layout, and I especially love the loft-style second floor. Chalets are pretty efficient for 2-story houses. But we really don’t need this much house.

But that cabin. We both saw where the bathroom would go, where we would put a loft for Beanie to use as a bedroom (since she now insists on sleeping in her own room, even on the boat!). I wondered why people didn’t have houses that small.

But they do. Check this out:

An A-frame would have everything we like about a chalet, only smaller. Sounds perfect! Put a wood furnace outdoors, or even a woodstove inside, with a Kitchen Queen, and you’re good. And off the grid!

We’ve considered solar panels, which would work, even in MI, if you’re not surrounded by trees. And maybe a wind generator.

Check out this off-the-grid house:

It’s larger than we would like, but they’re doing it! I think the key is learning to live in a small space and breaking your attachment to material objects. Which is something we all can work on today.

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