Off the Grid Tuesday: OTG Laundry!

Well, yesterday I finally unplugged the refrigerators, then ran out to the kilowatt wheel to check my progress. Rob informed me that I’m a dork. But doesn’t everybody wish they had a power meter inside their house?

So, today’s off-the-grid goodness…

One day, while we were exploring the Habitat for Humanity ReStore (which I strongly recommend, by the way!), Rob and I found this:

It’s a combination washer/dryer, that fits on our counter! It will not do large loads, so we will need to do laundry frequently. If we use it on our boat, we will need to make sure we get detergent that does not produce suds. Homemade detergent is great for this. I always keep mine powdered though. It takes up less space that way.

So, if we feel like being on the grid, when we’re somewhere with shore power, we can use this to wash and dry our clothes. No more bothering with the laundromat! When we’re anchored out, the washer is able to run off of our 12-volt battery, through an inverter. We will have to line dry afterward. Luckily, Moonraker has plenty of lines!

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