Off the Grid Tuesday: My Dream Stove

While I am happy to do all of my cooking without electricity, I have often dreamed of having a wood stove. It would help heat our house in the winter, and it would possibly even heat our water. We plan on getting one after we get tired of our Magic Chef.

There are two ways to go with wood stoves. Antique stoves are beautiful. They have held up for quite awhile already, so they are likely to work for years to come! You do pay a lot for one in good condition. This beauty is $2500.

If aesthetics are not as important, for $500, you can get a working antique stove such as this one.

Or, a fixer-upper for $300, if you feel confident fixing up something that will have fire inside of it…

However, if we’re going to buy the last stove we’ll ever own, we’re going all out. For $2400, you can buy a new Kitchen Queen.

These actually use modern technology, so that they heat more reliably, and they heat your water as well. We could look extremely modern while living off the grid.

Someday it will happen…

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