Off the Grid Tuesday: Another Plug I’ve Pulled

If you Google microwave ovens, you will find that they are a controversial issue, within the natural health community. Some people speculate that they cause food to become toxic; others claim that they are perfectly safe. I’m not here to go over those details. I’m here to talk about why we got rid of ours.

Microwaved food does not taste good. Some foods, such as popcorn, are edible from the microwave, but they taste much better cooked conventionally. Microwaves heat unevenly, the food is either hard or mushy, and they make coffee taste terrible. Food that is meant for the microwave tends to be processed and unhealthy, so we really should not be eating it anyway.

Add that to the fact that the microwave takes up a great deal of space in the kitchen. We decided to pull the plug. How do we do it?

–We have an electric popcorn popper. I would love to eventually get a sturdy, stove top model. Popcorn popped in butter just tastes so much better.

–We only brew a little coffee at a time in our French press, but if we do need to reheat it, we use an immersion heater. We also have a glass carafe with a candle underneath, to keep beverages warm.

–We try not to have many leftovers. That cuts down on storage containers we need to own. When we do have leftovers, we either eat them cold or heat them in the oven.

–We heat water in a tea kettle on the stove.

Really, getting rid of the microwave is an easy plug to pull, and it will free up a lot of space in your kitchen!


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