Nothing’s Easy!

This morning, after enjoying my coffee, I began my daily routine of tidying up the boat. Everything was looking good, except that we were being overrun by laundry. We do our laundry every 3 days, and yesterday was supposed to be the day. However, things got busy and it didn’t happen.

Beanie no longer sleeps in a diaper, and we set her on the potty at 10:00, so that she can watch Shaun the Sheep and do what she needs to do. She was playing happily, and it was 9:45. So I had just enough time to drop off the laundry.

I drove, as green as that isn’t. The laundry room is across the marina from us, and they have no change machine. So I first had to drive to another corner of the marina, to the gas dock, to get quarters. I got $3, which is enough to wash and dry a load.

So I loaded the machine, inserted the quarters, and it jammed. Chomped right down on my quarters. It would not start, and it would not give me my quarters back. Worried about making it back in time for potty time, I transferred the clothes to the other machine, and drove back to the gas dock for $2 more in quarters. I drove back to the laundry room, fed the machine my coins, and guess what…Jammed again.

Quickly, I stuffed my clothing, slimy with detergent, into my bags and made my way to the office. Which is across from the gas dock. I’m greeted by the gas attendant with a laugh and “More quarters?”

So in the end, I did get my $3.50 back, and while I was there I finally signed the contract for my slip (which I had not gotten around to doing) and picked up a parking pass (we’ve been parking without one all summer). And it turns out that we’re 10 minutes from 3 different laundromats. Looks like we’re going to have a day on the town!

As for the Bean, when I got back to the boat, she was wearing a pretty sailor dress and a pull-up. Her pink sleeper has joined the rest of the laundry.

2 thoughts on “Nothing’s Easy!

    • But the quirks make it interesting! Welcome aboard, and I’m sure I’ll be hitting you up for advice when we make the switch and live aboard year round. (It’s coming up, and SOON!)

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