My Journey Into Nutritional Theories

Nutrition is my soapbox. I am very fussy about what we eat, and there are certain ingredients I avoid at all costs.

How did I come to be this way? It started with my family history, my fussy stomach, and lots of reading into different dietary theories–both “mainstream” and “alternative.” I don’t claim to be an expert. But I will share with you the fruits of my research.

I began with the food pyramid. And you know what? It’s a fun website and a great starting point! You can play around and create your own food plan.

Some of the pros:

–It encourages eating a balanced diet.

–They do encourage eating whole grains, if you read the articles.

–Lots of fruits and veggies!

However, there are some areas in which the food pyramid is lacking:

Sugar gets little mention.

–They encourage too many omega-6 oils.

Trans fats are not actively discouraged or discussed at any length.

–Whole grains are not encouraged nearly enough.

So, when I put on some weight after a few years of marriage, a doctor recommended the South Beach Diet. I ate and ate and ate and met my weight goal in no time. I also found that I felt better, had more energy, and my blood sugar level (which had been borderline) stabilized. Diabetes runs in my family, so I take low-glycemic eating seriously.

Some of the pros of South Beach:

High-fructose corn syrup and trans fats are banned.

Sugar is strictly limited.

–It recognizes that not all fats are bad.

Refined carbs are limited or banned.

–Still lots of veggies.

Some cons of South Beach:

–Still high on the omega 6’s.

Artificial sweeteners are encouraged.

So, on I went in my journey. Eventually I met some followers of the Weston A Price diet. Their advice flies in the face of the modern “healthy” diet, but, after learning about whole grains, good fats, and the like, much of their advice did make sense. It’s possible to spend days reading the articles on their website.

Some of the pros:

–My other research has supported the health benefits of bone broths.

–There is a strong emphasis on organic foods, especially animal products.

–They encourage soaking grains.

Some of the cons:

–Eating that much organic meat is not cost effective.

–Not much mention of fruits and vegetables.

–I really feel like I need more information regarding saturated fats.

So, in the end, I borrowed a little bit from everybody. Can any of us be positive that we are doing it right? Probably not. Is diet a one-size-fits-all thing? Maybe not. But I do know that we have gotten sick much less, had more energy, and lost weight since we have started eating this way.

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