originally posted March 9, 2011

My husband, Rob, and I moved out of our beloved trailer on the water, because we were under the mistaken impression that we needed a larger space for raising a kid. We kept the trailer as a second home for a year, but then we realized that paying for a boat slip would be cheaper. So the search began.

Enter Craigslist. At the end of the summer of 2008 (which was NOT a fun summer, by the way, but I’ll talk about that at a later date…), we found a very old, 1960’s Islander 29 for sale in Lansing. Apparently, the owner was going to have it hauled to Florida, where he was retiring, but saw that it would be cheaper to just buy a boat in Florida.

So, off to Lansing we drove. I sat in the backseat, alternating between trying to force feed Jelly Bean Yo Baby and nursing her (you can do that in a rear-facing carseat, not that it’s safe to do…). We pulled into the driveway, which was filled with modern, unique, and vintage BMW’s, and Ms. Bean began that telltale cough. Soon enough, the backseat of our Saturn was filled with “used Yo Baby.” The owner’s wife promptly took the Bean and me inside, so that we could clean up the baby while she gave her lots of attention. When we came back outside, the men were already up in the boat.

The boat was called Moonraker, named for one of the not-so-great James Bond movies. It needed new paint, inside out and out. In the cabin, there was no carpet. The cushions were all right, if a little torn. It had once had gorgeous woodworking, but it needed refinishing. And the bathroom was a little scary.

But, it had sails, including a Spinnaker, that were in good condition. It had two closets for hanging our clothes, and a dresser. And the owner asked if it would be all right if he put in a new counter top before we bought it. We discussed it over dinner, of course, but there wasn’t much to discuss. $2000 later, we were boat owners!

Moving it was another thing. How do you get a boat from Lansing to any of the Great Lakes? After many misadventures, we had someone move it to Bay City, where it sat in the back lot at Pier 7 for the next two winters.

While it was sitting, my parents became interested in boating and found themselves a power boat. They had a wonderful slip at Bay Harbor and secured us a good deal on a slip, IF we could get our boat there. That was another adventure, but there we were, byAugust. After living aboard for a month, we decided that’s how we want to spend next summer.

The blue tape is not permanent--we had treated the wood that day!

The blue tape is not permanent–we had treated the wood that day!

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