Moonraker: The Grand Tour

Since not much exciting is happening today, I will give you a tour of Moonraker’s cabin. We’ve put a lot of work into setting it up and organizing it, so that it is uncluttered (while still being able to hold enough of our belongings!). So, here you go:

Beanies play area has been moved to the V-berth, and the washing machine fits perfectly into the quarter berth.

Behind the washing machine, the litter box and cats dish are out of view.

Rob has fixed the water system, so no more water jug! The fridge is next to the sink, in the counter. We keep a propane stove in the cupboard, and it fits on the counter when we need it. Dry food is stored in cabinets with sliding doors along the back of the counter.

Our boat is unique, because the windows are at eye level when you sit at the table.

Across from the head is a dresser/nav station, where the fish lives. Our charts also fit there nicely.

This is the Beans bedroom, the v-berth. We put doors on it, so that she can have her own little space. I would show you inside, but it is her "nap" time.

Underneath the v-berth is Beanies "bathroom." We just sat her potty there to store it, but she got all excited and will have it nowhere else. Eventually, the ugly extension cord, which runs the length of the cabin, will be run through the back of the cupboards.

Espresso, our cat, likes to sleep under the dinette. We left our other cat with my parents.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour! It has really surprised me how comfortable a 29 foot living space can be.

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