Mill Creek Fun

We spent four days at the Mill Creek campground in Mackinaw City. There was enough to do that we really didn’t even need to leave the campground! We did venture into town once, to have a look around. We chose not to go to Mackinaw Island, because we plan to spend a few days there next year, on the boat. Here are some pictures of our fun:

A boat we saw on the way. Zoom in to read its name...

A Burley easily converts into a stroller large enough for a big girl!

They had a spinning swing contraption that gave Beanie some much-needed vestibular input.

Beanie insisted on calling the dinosaur a "dragon."

Driving the tractor with a new friend.

Teeter totter time!

All set up!

Puzzle time!

The beach. Yes, the freighter is very cool. But, more importantly, that sail boat is on a reach. Theres wind there!

My new dream house.

Mackinaw Island

DIY truck camper.

At the playground in Mackinaw City.

A trip to the popcorn shop.

Petal car practice

Swinging with a friend.

So, overall, it was a fun experience. I would strongly recommend the Super Saver sites. It was a nice, not-too-crowded wooded area, with a playground and a bath house. The showers in the bath house were nothing to write home about, though. There was a curtain around the shower only, and the bench and hanging hooks were across the room. We actually had a girl who was waiting in line, hand everyone their towels. Much better showers can be found across from the pool. Here, each shower is in its own room. And, for what we paid for our site, taking a short walk to shower is just fine.

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