Living Aboard

originally posted March 11, 2011

A lot of people have asked me about living aboard. We only lived on the boat during August last summer, and then we did stop at home periodically. Also, the cats stayed at home, so we weren’t as hard-core as we intend to be this summer!

Still, there were some things that we learned. Here are a few of the most interesting aspects of daily life aboard Moonraker:

–No bathroom to clean! That’s right. I despise cleaning the bathroom. But at the marina, they have family-style bathrooms that get cleaned multiple times a day. It’s like having your own housekeeper. Everytime I’ve had to clean the bathroom this winter, I’ve counted the days until I no longer have to do that. Of course, we’ll have a head on our boat this year, but it’s not nearly as involved as scrubbing a bathtub.

–Laundry is an issue. Last summer the Bean was in cloth diapers, so we spent a LOT of quarters. We’re hoping potty training will be a success and we can put an end to that (potty training is not so easy for SPD kids). Otherwise, we keep 3 outfits apiece on the boat, plus one cold-weather outfit. Laundry gets done every third day. We bought an RV washer/dryer, so hopefully that can cut down on laundromat trips.

–For cooking, there is a propane campstove and a grill. We bring our 2 cast iron pans, our tea kettle, and our french press. We have a refrigerator, but it currently does not work, so we use it as an ice box. Anything that doesn’t have to be refrigerated, isn’t.

–The V-berth in the front of the boat is the Bean’s “bedroom.” We plan on putting a door on it, so she can’t keep getting up. We sleep on the dinette bed. I wish Beanie would still sleep in bed with us, for convenience sake, but she’ll have none of that.

–The Bean gets a small suitcase full of toys. She plays on the quarter berth, which is an almost-twin sized bed in the back of the boat. Of course, Grandma and Grandpa are in the marina, so her toy collection grows…

Well, there are 22 days until we launch. And we had another blizzard two days ago…

View from the kitchen

View from the kitchen

We all look great eating, don't we?

We all look great eating, don’t we?

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